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Horny Fetish Couples Live Sex Fetish

Now we all have a fetish that we enjoy, some of us might like a girl getting dressed up, some might even like getting spanked. But this naughty couple takes things even further then that, she has a fetish for hotwax, and he loves his live sex, so rather then one of them missing out they decide to do both things together. The first time this blonde got on stage for a live sex show she was all nervous, but now she totally loves it and can’t wait to get things going. Today she was all excited her man had promised to bring some candles with him, and she was going to get some live fetish action finally. He sits down on a chair and then she joins him, siting down on his lap totally naked you can see him passing her a candle, and the look on her face was awesome. She lights the candle up and it puts a smile on her face, she looks over to him and then lets the wax drip down her smooth leg, it was a little hot at first but that’s just the way this kinky girl loves her hot fetish sex.

Live Sex Fetish

Dominating Fetish Mistress With Her Slave

Dominating Fetish Mistress

Check out this sexy fetish couple, they get around on the stage as she treats this lucky guy to some humiliating fetish sex. She is such a skinny girl but don’t let that fool you, this bitch can get really fucking nasty when she wants to be, and we might see a little action like that soon enough. Both of them are bound in leather, this dude is forced to be on his knees as she won’t allow him to stand up, she walks around him almost taunting him as she does it, he has no idea what punishment she has for him yet, but he soon will. She has a whip in one of her hands and it doesn’t take long for her to use it, the crowd watching this live xxx fetish action lets out a load noise as she brings the whip down on him. You could tell he wasn’t expecting it, just by the way he almost falls to the ground. She tells him to crawl over to her feet and beg for more next, she really makes this guy suffer, but that’s the best part. She wants him to lick her pussy out next, and then she might just give him some spanking pleasure.