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A Massage Before They Do Some Live Sex

Live Sex at sex showThis girl is a real professional and with good reason, she has been in the live sex show industry for ages now and sure knows what she is doing. Today this babe and her man are showing us all the art of a sexy massage, she shows us that you don’t need to just have sex to enjoy loads of sexy pleasure. She lays down on the massage table wearing nothing but this cute little outfit, her man soon joins her and they get the action going. He starts down at her foot, using his strong hands to rub her there gets this babe going. She puts the microphone up to her mouth so the whole crowd can hear her moaning with pleasure, now he slowly makes his way up to her ass. He puts a hand on each of her butt cheeks and uses his skills to make her beg for it, now she rolls over for him as she wants to fully enjoy this erotic massage. Once she rolls over he removes her bra and panties, he knows everyone in the crowd wants to see her naked as well. It’s going to be easier to give her loads of pleasure as well.

Showing Us How To Enjoy Erotic Pleasure

Enjoy Erotic Pleasure There’s nothing like a good demonstration to learn how to perform the art of erotic sex. And this kinky couple are doing that right now, she gets on the stage and takes the microphone in her hand while he gets ready to give her loads of pleasure. Look at the very revealing bra and panties this sweet slut is wearing, she certainly doesn’t mind showing off that slender body of hers. Her boy friend gets down on his knees and puts his hand on her legs, he pulls them open and while she is talking to the crowd he starts getting her nice and horny. She tells everyone that you need to take it nice and slow with a girl, there’s no need to rush anything, and the wetter you get your girl friend the more likely she is to go wild during sex. It all makes sense doesn’t it? it does to me and this couple is far from being done from this live sex show. He pulls her panties down next and slides his finger inside her vagina, he can feel how nice and moist it is and now she tells him he can make love to her while she keeps talking to everyone.

Cheeky Girl Working The Stripper Pole During Live Sex

Girl Working The Stripper Pole

Check out this sexy stripper, she is really giving everyone here something else to watch during this live sex show. Sure there are people right now fucking on the stage next to her, but you couldn’t blame people for crowding around to watch this girl. She gets totally naked and starts dancing next to the pole, she works her body up and down it and then opens those legs all the way. She has a great looking pussy on her, and while she doesn’t have massive tits or anything what she does have look pretty good to me. I love this part, she turns around and lets her ass touch the pole behind her, now she kneels down and lets us see just how flexible she is. I couldn’t believe the next part though, she climbs all the way up to the top of the pole, and then does this move where she slides all the way down it, this was so awesome to watch and I think they all thought so as well. This stripping girl just keeps the action going, now she is walking around on stage showing off some of her dance moves, talk about hot to watch!